Parking Vehicles For Sale


Code of Ordinances Sec. 10.16.080.C.1

No vehicle may be parked on public or private property specifically for the purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale,  unless the vehicle is owned by the person who owns, manages, or leases the property, or the location is the authorized location of a commercial auto sales, rental or repair business.

Parking Vehicles and Trailers In Street


Code of Ordinances Sec. 10.16.080 .A.

It is a violation of city ordinance to park certain vehicles, including commercials vehicles, truck tractors, road tractors, trailer, semi-trailer, pole trailer, utility trailer, house trailer, travel trailer, camper trailer, boat trailer, motor home, bus, or special mobile equipment upon any street or right of way within a residential district or within 300 feet of the property line of a residence located in a residential district.

Garage and Yard Sale Signs

Unified Development Code Sec. 10.03.020 D.2

Garage and yard sale signs no larger than four (4) square feet are permitted on the site of a sale and off-site with the permission of the property owner when not more than 1,000 feet from the site of the sale. Garage and yard sales signs may NOT be attached to utility poles, street signs, stop signs, or other traffic control devices. Signs must be placed on private property only and may not be placed in the public right-of-way, generally 10 feet from the curb on a city street and 25 feet from the curb on a state highways.
(Sec. 10.03.020.J, Sec. 10.04 G)

Signs Without Permits


Unified Development Code Sec. 3.18.010

No signs, permanent or temporary, may be put up within the city limits or extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the city without a permit, unless specifically exempted by the code. Exempted signs, such as real estate, window or garage sale signs, will have specific limitations.

To determine if your particular sign will need to be permitted, contact the Inspections Desk at (512) 930-2550.

Work Done Without Permits

2003 International Building Code Sec. 105.2, 2000 International Residential Code Sec. R105.2 – Amended in Code of Ordinances Sec. 15.03.060

Permits are required for any work done to the plumbing, heating/air conditioning and electrical systems of any business or residence. Additional permits are required for irrigation systems, water heater replacement, roofing or roofing repair, foundation repair, demolition or partial demolition, fences, accessory structures, hot tubs and swimming pools, sidewalks and driveways, patios and more.

Call the Inspections Desk at (512) 930-2550 to inquire if your work or project will need a permit from the City.

Obstruction Of View Of Oncoming Traffic

Unified Development Code Sec. 12.06.D (1 & 2).

City Ordinance prohibits having tall plants or hedges taller than three (3) feet from the street gutter line or low-hanging tree branches lower than seven (7) feet (measured from the highest point of the street) on a corner lot where it obstructs motorists’ view of on-coming traffic. The sight triangle consists of an area beginning at the intersection of the curbs and going twenty-five (25) feet down each curb line. A line between those two points completes the triangle.


Trash & Debris


Code of Ordinances Sec 8.20.080

It is a violation of City Ordinance (8.20.080) to place, deposit, throw, or allow to be placed, deposited, or thrown any garbage, brush, loose waste, or refuse of any kind, on any public or private property outside of any building, unless deposited in accordance with the policies and procedures of Texas Disposal Systems.

For more information on trash disposal options, including bulky waste and brush disposal, call Texas Disposal Systems at (512) 930-1715.

Tall Weeds & Grass


Code of Ordinances Sec. 8.20.0100

Weeds or grass are a violations of City Ordinance if they are taller than six (6) inches on a developed lot (with a building on it) or twelve (12) inches on an undeveloped lot. Property owners are required to keep all areas from their property line to the curb free from tall weeds, grass, brush, or objectionable or unsightly vegetation.