Georgetown Code Compliance

About the Code Compliance Department

Code Compliance responsibilities include notifying residents of any code violations occurring throughout the city. These violation include issues like tall weeds and grass, abandoned vehicles, ‘bandit” advertising signs, garage sale and ‘open house’ signs in the right-of-way, and violations of the City’s sign ordinance. To get a further idea of the types of violations that are most often cited, click here for common violation types and descriptions of each. Officers discover might receive a complaint from a concerned citizen or identify a hazard while patrolling the city. They then take action to ensure that the hazard or violation is removed or corrected. While officers can issue Notices of Violation, their primary goal is to gain voluntary compliance. Note: Officers enforce only minimum City standards and cannot enforce deed restrictions or covenants, as they are a civil agreement between a developer or HOA and a property owner, and must be enforced by the HOA or through a civil court process.

For additional information on violations, or to register a concern or complaint, please contact the Code Compliance Office at (512) 930-3606 or register a complaint online here.

Code Compliance Officers

Team members have many years of experience in Code Compliance.  Each officer is responsible for a geographic area of the City and are responsible for enforcement of all codes and ordinances within that area.

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